Smashin' Pumpkins

Here’s a quick fun way to use your expired Jack-O-Lanterns after Halloween. Bring them into the backyard and hook them up to a tree like a piñata. Use some rope and let the kids choose their weapon of choice to do some Jack Smashing. Simply attach the rope to the pumpkin by punching a hole in it with an old piece of conduit and feeding it through with a wire hanger. Tie It up so it doesn’t slip back through and then toss the other end over a high branch. Offer a variety of smashing equipment such as baseball bats, hammers, golf clubs, and other blunt objects. If you’re a neat freak, setup a tarp underneath. It’s a little bit more fun with a pumpkin that still has all of the guts in it, but if all you have is Jack roll with hit.

Pro-tip: Film the whole thing using the slow-motion video functionality on your smart phone if it has it.

Pumpkin Bashin' from Big Bear Chase Me on Vimeo.

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