You've Been Boo-ed!

Halloween is a season full of tricks and treats.  From ghosts, goblins, and clowns to Minecraft, minions, and morph suits it's a great season for everyone to showcase their creativity.  It's the season of taffy apples, candy bars, and getting spooked by a surprise zombie hiding in the bushes.  It's not often that Halloween is synonymous with generosity, but have you heard of being boo-ed?

As a kid I remember how cool it was to discover the house that gave away the biggest candy bars or the bags of chips or the packs of baseball cards.  We went house to house on a hunt to fill a pillow case or two full of candy.  But one the we didn't have when I was growing up was the Halloween equivalent of Christmas' Secret Santa.  It's sometimes referred to as "Ghosting" or "The Phantom", but in my neighborhood, it's called "Boo-ing".  It's a great way to get kids running around the neighborhood leaving gifts on one another's front porches.  It stirs up some mystery, curiosity, and whole bunch of fun!

Want to give it a try?  Why don't you be the first in your neighborhood to start the craze?  Here's how it works:

  1. Go to the store and grab a pile of treats and something fun to put them in.  Mix in candy, toys, stickers, and anything else that will make a kid smile.
  2. Place these items in the container of choice (baggie, bucket, etc.).
  3. Print out the rules sheet and place it in the container.  This explains how the game works to the un-expecting recipient and keeps the adventure going.
  4. Choose whose porch you will leave this goodie bag on.
  5. When it's dark, sneak over to their house and leave the bag on their porch.  This is where it gets exciting!
  6. Ring their doorbell or knock and run like the dickens!
  7. Hide around the corner and watch as they discover the goodie bag.

They'll retrieve their treats, read the rules, and hang a "We've Been Boo-ed!" sign on their door.  Eventually, you'll see them popping up all over the neighborhood.  You'll hear chatter about who boo-ed who and who got what.  Add your own touch by making the bag you leave for a neighbor memorable.  Generosity is contagious.

Pro-Tip:  Get the game off to a strong start by leaving three bags on different porches.

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