Be the Bear!

By coming together we can change the way our future generations care for our world.


Big Bear Chase Me is, first and foremost, a community. The more people committed to the community, the more impactful we’ll be. From the kids, mentors, and sponsors to the parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles we can come together to make a difference.

For every item you buy we commit 51% of all profits to creating educational materials, fun experiences, and outdoor activities for the worlds future leaders.

We're Currently in Phase One and could use your support!


Sometimes grown ups are moving too fast and don’t slow down to make ourselves available. Here’s what’s cool. People love helping people. Enter our mentors. Big Bear mentors are the cornerstones of our community. Mentors are committed to helping kids, and adults for that matter, learn about nature, enjoy fun experiences, and outdoor activities. Whether it’s a nature packed action such as rock climbing, hiking, skiing, and camping, or other activities like skateboarding, sports, and running we want you. Mentors may volunteer at BBCM events or simply wear our gear to show support and spread the word about Big Bear Chase Me. Want to learn how to go fishing, find a cool bike trail, or locate a sweet camping spot? Our mentors are there to help. Interested?


Is there really anything better in the world than a curious child? Kids are born with a strong desire to explore and often don’t know who to ask. Whether it’s nature packed action such as rock climbing, hiking, and camping, or other activities like skateboarding, team sports, and running, we want kids to have a place to experience and live into their passion.


To be blunt, we could really use some help. Whether you can provide financial support, venues, prizes, or volunteers we’ll be forever grateful. Sponsors provide the most important resources that fuel the inspiration we want to offer kids everywhere. Do you have something to offer? Tell us about it.

Be a kid. Be a mentor. Be a sponsor. Be a supporter. Wear the gear. Be the bear.

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