Our Roadmap

It’s hard building a community from scratch. The vision we have for BigBearChaseMe.com won’t happen overnight. We’ll be breaking it into various phases and leaning into the community as it grows to make our dream a reality.

Phase One

Phase one is about community building. During this grass roots phase we know things will be a bit bumpy at times. We have big ideas and need to raise funds to make this thing happen. As much as we’d love someone to anonymously drop a hefty sum of money on our front porch so we can kick it into high gear, we know this isn’t very likely. So we’re going to sell stuff. Things like t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers and more. Help us fund our vision and spread the word by buying our stuff and wearing it all over the place.

Where are currently looking for:

Where are we today?

For every item you buy we commit 51% of all profits to creating educational materials, fun experiences, and outdoor activities for the worlds future leaders.

Phase Two

Using the funds raised in phase one we will invest the majority of our proceeds in fun experiences and outdoor activities for our community members. Events ranging from cleaning up beaches, to kids’ races, contests, and more will become regular occurrences and will become the spark that ignites our community’s growth.

Phase Three

Phase three will involve branching out into broader endeavors including building an app that we have been dreaming up for a long time. This app will leverage technology to get people off of their butts and outside doing fun things. It’ll be a super fun way for people to share their most memorable outdoor experiences.

Phase Four

We’re not exactly sure what phase 4 entails at this point, but we do know that it’ll be GLORIOUS. At this point our community will have firmly planted roots and people all over will recognize that being a BBCM member represents a strong passion for the outdoors and sharing this passion with others. Everyone will want to be the bear.






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