What's with the Bear?

Why is he all ragged looking? What’s with the missing eyeball and the snaggletooth?


We love the curiosity that the symbol of our community evokes. The name Big Bear Chase Me was inspired by a scene from one of our founders’ favorite movies, The Great Outdoors. Who can forget John Candy frantically bursting into his cabin freaking out as a giant grizzly followed him inside? In this case one of nature’s most awesome and powerful creatures crossed over from their world to ours. Big Bear Chase Me is about enjoying the beauty of the world around us and making a difference.

The Big Bear symbol represents a life well lived. He’s a little ragged because he’s been on many adventures. He’s traveled to a lot of different places and is always looking forward to the next experience that comes his way. Big Bear’s missing an eye because of all the difficulties, distractions, and opportunities of life that prevent people from experiencing the Great Outdoors. As for the snaggletooth, we’re not going to make anything up here. We just thought it looked cool.

Big Bear looks like a stuffed animal because we exist mainly for the kids. By providing a community of members that are there to help get kids outside interacting with others we believe they’ll have a better appreciation for the world around us and life, which is good.

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